300 Series

Ninja 300 Corner[2]

Get ready, set, go!

Riding a 300cc motorcycle at NYST will open your eyes to things you’ve never imagined.

The handling, body position, and cornerspeed are just the tip of the iceberg.

Now add our increasing/decreasing radius turns, elevation change, and grippy surface so you’ll have an ear to ear smile all day when you learn just what an incredible experience it is.

The NYST 300 Series delivers the excitement of riding with an added twist and friendly competition.

Start Your Engines!

The NYST 300 Series will take place during a normal track day on the following dates:

May 26/27

June 16/17

July 14/15

August 11/12

September 8/9

September 22 – Finals

Points will be given per day. You’ll need to call and pre-register AT LEAST 10 days before the event to qualify.

There will be 1 run group based on the following criteria:

The class will compete during lunch once on Saturday and once on Sunday.

Registration per run group is $50, a $20 late fee is applied if registered within the 10 days (if space is available). You MUST register when you sign up for the track day.

Each group is limited to 20 participants.

Points will be awarded for the top 10 positions as follows:

1st Place – 20 points

2nd Place – 18 points

3rd Place – 16 points

4th Place – 14 points

5th Place – 12 points

6th Place – 10 points

7th Place – 8 points

8th Place – 6 points

9th Place – 4 points

10th Place – 2 points

All Other Positions – 1 point

After the last run in September, we will tally up the points from each event and the following prizes will be given:

1st Place – 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400

2nd Place – Arai Corsair X Helmet

3rd Place – Set of Dunlop Racing Slicks

4th Place – Set of Dunlop Q3+

5th Place – Set of Dunlop Q3+

The rules are as follows:

Ninja/CBR/YZF 300  rules 

No motor work

No race fuel

No fuel injection modifications

No air box modification(must Retain an air filter)

Chain must remain stock size (520) with o-ring

No fork swaps (internal upgrades are allowed)

Shock upgrades are allowed

Swing arm must remain stock

No frame modification

Fuel tank must remain stock

Brake rotors must remain stock size

Brake calipers must remain stock

Brake master cylinder must remain stock

Wheels must remain stock

Triple trees must remain  stock

Exhaust upgrades are acceptable

No nitrous

No turbos

Ninja/CBR 250 rules

Motor Work allowed

Fork swaps allowed (internal upgrades as well)

08-present swing arm must remain stock

Pre-08 are allowed fit  present stock swing arm

08-present must retain stock wheels

Pre-08 can fit a stock Kawi 17″ wheel

Shock upgrades are allowed

Carb and air filter (stock air box may be removed or modified) upgrades are acceptable

Exhaust upgrades are acceptable

Stock chain size must be retained (non o-ring is permitted)

Brake rotors must remain stock size

Brake calipers must remain Stock

Brake master cylinder must remain stock

No nitrous

No turbos

Aftermarket rear sets, clip-ons, tires, and race body work are permitted on all bikes

Ninja 400/KTM 390/BMW 310 rules

No modifications are allowed

You must be at least 195 pounds to ride these motorcycles in the Series



NYST is known for its safety. Anyone riding above their head or in a dangerous manner will be barred from the NYST 300 Series at NYST’s discretion.