Fly 2 Ride

IMG_4400[1]NYST is a registered airport  – Mountain Top Airport NY02, so you can now
fly-in and ride all day!

Now imagine this, you fly-in, tie-down your plane, rent a bike (with suit, boots, gloves and a coach), have breakfast and lunch, spend an entire day riding and learning with our coaches, and then fly back home the very same day!

This is what the Fly 2 Ride program is all about. This package is available for $499 so you don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying the beautiful flight and an amazing time at the track – without hauling all your gear through traffic and highways!

Call us to register at 917-615-5355!


Fly-In procedure:

Check airport info first for Mountain Top Airport – NY02

Call 917-843-3831 at least 24-hours before your intended landing with your flight plan info and aircraft info. You must have an insurance to land at NY02!

Landing/departure time: 7am-8am, 12:30pm-1pm, 5:30pm-8pm

Contact us at 122.8 5NM off NY02 for ATIS and landing instructions

Expect to make one full pattern to designated Rwy

Expect to land Rwy 06

Landing to Rwy 24 is allowed for specific types of aircrafts and highly experienced pilots only!

Piper Cub and similar types of aircrafts are allowed to land at grass strip between Rwy 06 and tree line on the left side