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Here is a list of important documents to read:

Car Rules and Policies 
Motorcycles and Equipment Requirements
Track and Paddock Rules

What is a Member Day?

An NYST Member Day is an unforgettable, adrenaline-filled experience for you, your friends, and your family. A weekend with us is a mini-vacation that will have you feeling refreshed and wanting more on Monday morning. If you have a motorcycle or a car and dreamed of pushing them to their limits, then this is the place for you! We offer professional instruction and Novice Schools to ensure you understand the concept of track riding in a safe and closed environment. Free classroom sessions and unlimited access to coaches allow you to get the proper training to appreciate the capabilities of your vehicle and your body as it goes through an adrenaline overload.

How long is the track?

NYST is 2.14 miles in length, 40 feet wide, and has an astounding 450 feet of elevation change with the most beautiful views of upstate NY.

Can I fly in?

Yes, we are an active airport with identifier NY02. You MUST call 917-615-5355 to schedule a landing. No unauthorized landings are permitted at any time.

What’s the best way to sign up?

If you have any questions on becoming a Member or to sign up for events, call us at 917-615-5355.

What are ROOKIE and 300 Series Weekend, can I attend each one?
Yes, those are special weekends where we will have specific events within the track day. For ROOKIE Weekends we will have a group of first-timers who have never been on the track. For the 300 Series, we will have that event during lunch time. There will still be the standard Novice, Intermediate and Expert group in each of these weekends. 

What’s the address of NYST?

396 Zimmerman Rd, Harpersfield, NY, 12093

I can’t find the address on my GPS.

Depending on the service, the town may come up as Davenport, Harpersfield, or Jefferson. If you wish to search by coordinates, they are 42.4867,-74.7807.

Is there a late fee for registration?
Yes. It takes A LOT of time and logistical effort to put on an event. All registrations MUST be made at least 10 days before the track day. If they are made within the 10 day period before the track day they are subject to a $30 late registration fee per day. 
Can I ‘walk-in’ to an event without pre-registering?
If the event is not sold out and we have space in your group then we can make arrangements to add you to the day. Walk-in rates are as follows so we always suggest you pre-register:
Motorcycle: $230
Cars: $290

Do you have tires available at the track?

Yes! We have all sorts of Dunlop tires to match your riding style.

Do you serve food?

Yes, we have delicious homemade breakfast and lunch available on-site.

What sort of gear do I need for the track?

If you’re on a motorcycle, you’ll need:

– Helmet

– Gauntlet gloves

– Boots that cover the calf

– One or two piece leather suit

– f you’re in a car, all you will need to bring is a helmet

– We have boots, gloves, helmets, and suits available to rent at the track if you don’t have them!

What do I need to do to my motorcycle to have it ready for the track?

If you have issues with any of the following, we will help you at the track.

For motorcycles:

We keep it very simple at NYST! All you have to do is make sure your tires and brakes are in good condition. We will help you tape up your mirrors and brake lights when you get here so you have nothing to worry about!

For cars:

– Tape up your headlights and taillights

– Make sure you have at least 50% tread on your tires

– Brake pads should have at least 50% left


What facilities are available on site?

We have beautifully tiled bathrooms and showers available

What are the gate hours?

Gate hours are from 6:30 am until 10:00 pm.